For Models:

SBW-01-OPEN (with 9 or 10-digit serial numbers)

425-30-RG Oval


Replacement remote for the Red/Green Oval Open Sign with 9 or 10-digit serial numbers only.


If your current sign has a black remote, this is the correct replacement. If you currently have a green & gold remote, please order the green replacement.


For signs with 12-digit serial numbers, please order the Green remote

Red/Green Oval Open Sign Remote - Black

SKU: 425-80-Open Remote (HK)
  • 1. On the back of the sign, switch the sign to OFF & unplug the power cord for 10 seconds, then plug back in.

    2. Switch the sign to the REMOTE position.

    3. On the new remote, move the side switch to the ON position then press the ON button for 2 seconds.

    The sign should flash twice then stay lit indicating successful syncing. You can now use your remote.

    (If syncing does not work the first time, be sure you unplugged the sign for 10 seconds in the OFF position and try the steps again)