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This remote includes a battery-saving button on the side of the remote to turn the remote on or off.

NOTE: This is a non-refundable item.


For SIGN models: 

*Check the sign sticker for the FIRST 5 DIGITS of the Serial Number OR has a Production # listed


*848889  S/N 50555_____ or greater / any "Production"#


*AC-01-RC  S/N 70264_____ or greater / any "Production"#

*H-3523  S/N 60029_____ or greater / any "Production"#

*VH-01-RC  S/N 51075_____ or greater / any "Production"#

*VH-01-RL  S/N 60362_____ or greater / any "Production"#


For LOWER serial numbers and no word "Production", please order Remote A

3 Button Open Sign Remote - B

SKU: OPEN-425-80-3 Button Remote B
  • 1. Turn the new remote to the ON position.

    2. On the back of the sign, switch the sign to the REMOTE or FLASH/REMOTE position (depending on model).

    3. Find the recessed reset button on the control panel near the that switch.

    4. Using a pin or paper clip, press in for 2 seconds until the red LED light on the control panel turns ON, then stop pressing.

    5. Now press any button on the new remote for 2 seconds until the red LED light on the sign turns OFF indicating successful syncing.

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